We will invest up to $2.5 million per company with a preference for leading, participating or expanding Series A rounds. 

We look for game-changing and disruptive technology companies, backed by world class management teams, that are in, or serve the healthcare sector. We will consider medical device companies that have 510(k) and have favorable regulatory pathways. We generally will not consider drug or pharma-related investments.

We are highly selective and focused in our investment approach and generally will commit to no more than 3 or 4 new investments in any given year. It is our desire to remain small and nimble and be able to meaningfully contribute to the growth and success of our portfolio companies. 

All qualifying investment opportunities will go through a rigorous diligence, research and underwriting process. We will invest with businesses that have a demonstrated and unique competitive advantage in their field. We look for opportunities where there is a large market potential, with high barriers to entry and limited competition. 

We typically advance funds to our portfolio companies on a milestone-based approach.

We are active, value-additive investors who will help our portfolio companies in achieving mutually agreed upon milestone objectives and subsequent financing needs. Because of our active involvement we will require proportionate board representation relative to our investment.